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The R&D team at ACT in collaboration with the Casali Institute have developed two technologies for organic pollutants oxidation and decontamination:
AFA Advanced-Fenton-Agent
SOA Super-Oxidation Agent
Both technologies passed own and independent lab tests showing conversion rates of over 90% and up to 97% for a wide range of contaminants. SOA technology is patented (National Phase), AFA patent aplication is entering to the PCT stage.
AFA and SOA are basis for all of our solutions. Currently we focus on the solutions for decontaminated soil, ballast and wastewater treatment. We are working on field pilots to scale up our technologies from lab tier to field implementation
ACT team under the supervision of Dr. Uri Stoin in cooperation with the Casali Research Institute of Applied Chemistry of Jerusalem has developed an innovative environmental-friendly superoxidation products based on known Fenton and Haber-Weiss reactions for fast and efficient hydrocarbon-based contaminants.
It builds various highly efficient oxygen radicals that allows to use the AFA and SOA technologies for in-situ, ex-situ and on-site treatment of contaminated soils. It shows amazing results in comparison to the existing solutions, mainly for PCB and dioxins.
The products might occupy one of the leading positions in remediation of contaminated land in close future according to the scientific assessment summaries of distinguished experts and laboratories in the field.


Environmental Safety
Identical to standard Fenton technology that has been already approved by EU
Standard storage requirements for chemical products
Personal safety
Standard safety requirements for application of chemical products
More economical than standard remediation solutions, such as landfill after dumping (min. 30%)

Lab Test Results

Example of lab tests with crude oil, diesel and PCB samples: Conversion rates from 90% to 97%

AFA and SOA vs. Common Market Solutions

A comparative analysis of environmental technologies shows that AFA and SOA is very cost-effective and provide superior statistics as to time, hazardous condition, environmental friendliness and efficiency.
AFA and SOA are environmentally friendly. The reagents or components are innocuous and do not generate harmful substances or other side effects.


Physico-chemical oxidation process. The process based on SOA oxidation process and boosted by surfactants, phase transfer catalysts and advanced engineering. The main advantage of the proposed process is that in the same time with the same process we can treat railway ballast, decompose glyphosate leftovers in the soil matrix and provide partial weed control.
Proposed treatment unit:
Example of railway ballast treatment (laboratory scale):
Herbicide decomposition


Chemical oxidation process for decomposition of NAPLs and dissolved organic materials. Water contaminated by organic materials, solvents, industrial and pharmaceutical leftovers, pesticides and bacteria. The process based on SOA or AFA oxidation process (depends on the contamination level) and boosted by PCT, surfactants and floating platform. The process can be implemented for industrial wastewater treatment or at municipal wastewater facilities. The end products of the proposed treatment are: water, oxygen and carbonate salts. The current process is straightforward and environmentally friendly. Treatment of different types of contaminants (lab results):
Decomposition (%) Final Concentration (ppm) Treatment Time (min) Initial Concentration (ppm) Pollutant
100 0 10 850 Dichloroethane Organic solvents
100 0 10 800 Carbon tetrachloride
99 5 10 500 Toluene
98 9 10 500 Chlorobenzene
99 1 10 100 Xylene
100 0 10 30 Naphthalene
99 2 11 1000 Rhodamin B Drugs or molecular model of drugs
99 0.16 2 125 Rhodamin B
90 10 10 100 Carbamazepine
100 (CFU/ml)0 10 (CFU/ml) 107*3 E-coli Bacteria
Connection of ACT system in a standard sewage plant.
Engineering scheme of the proposed device.
Decomposition of drug leftovers (Carbamazepine)
Diesel (LNAPL) treatment
Floating platform structure

Range of Treatable Contaminants Guide

Alpha Cleantec AG provides safe, green, rapid, efficient and cost effective technologies, based on custom made solution. Alpha Cleantec technologies can efficiently treat a wide range of soil contaminants from petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, to cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries leftovers and byproducts.

Contaminates treatable by Alpha Cleantec products and process